Terraform Cheat Codes

Posting my most used Terraform commands and snippets here for easy reference. Azure Provider Configuration # Configure the Azure Provider provider "azurerm" { subscription_id = "${var.subscription_id}" client_id = "${var.client_id}" client_secret = "${var.client_secret}" tenant_id = "${var.tenant_id}" } Azure State File Blob Storage Container Configuration # Configure the Azure Blob Storage Container TBD Common Commands # Initalization terraform init # Upgrading terraform init -upgrade # Create a New Workspace terraform workspace [Read More]

Configuring Azure Traffic Manager, Application Gateway and App Services with Terraform

Azure App Service is a great choice for a Platform As A Service (PaaS) option to host Web and Api applications. The service is fully managed, scales vertically, horizontally and runs platforms such as: .NET .NET Core Java Ruby Node.JS PHP Python Docker When the service is created it provides a publicly accessible Virtual IP Address and a *.azurewebites.net URL. For a production deployment you are going to [Read More]

Building a Q&A Chat Bot using Microsoft Bot Framework

Chat bots will soon be taking the web by storm. I've attended several webinars, workshops and discussions around not only how to build chat bots but how they are about to revolutionize user interactions with the systems we are building for our clients. In this article we'll work through building a simple Question and Answer chat bot using a subject we are all familiar with. Hopefully you will begin to [Read More]

Project Black Slope : A .NET Reference Architecture

Reference Architectures Reference architecture's are useful to deliver reliable code consistently. They consist of a prescribed pattern for laying out an n tier software architecture that a team can easily learn to adopt. Over several iterations they become battle tested increasing their reliability and rapidly speeding up development of new projects or additions to existing projects. I've build several reference architectures in the past adapting them each time to the [Read More]

Microsoft Build 2017 Highlights

All my notes, in the form of useful links, from MS Build 2017 conference in Seattle last week. Build 2017 – Day 1 New innovations at Microsoft Build 2017A Azure Stack – Azure On-premises .NET Standard Live Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Visual Studio 2017 Visual Studio 2017 keyboard shortcuts Visual Studio for Mac Azure Functions—Serverless Architecture Razer Pages Azure Application Insights Azure Active Directory B2C Automated deployment for [Read More]